Iron IIb

Pottery types characteristic of this archeological period:

During the Iron Age II, the united monarchy divided into two kingdoms. The northern ten tribes became the Kingdom of Israel, leaving the remaining two tribes to form the southern Kingdom of Judah. The Assyrian conquest of the Kingdom of Israel in 722 BCE resulted in the mysterious disappearance of the ten tribes. It was not until 586 BCE that the southern Kingdom of Judah was destroyed by the Babylonians, forcing the last tribes of Judah into exile. Some pottery types of this period reflect the Assyrian influence, such as the black lip juglets that have been uncovered in the north of Israel. In the south, storage jars have been found with handles stamped with an impression in Paleo Hebrew called “la melech,” meaning “belonging to the King.” These artifacts date back to the eighth century BCE, the time of Hezekiah, King of Judah.

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