Charles Lu

Dr. Charles Lu
Dr. Dr. Charles Lu was born in Taiwan but became a U.S. citizen in 1985. He holds a Doctor of Ministry degree in Biblical Studies from the Bible Learning University with a special emphasis in the literary analysis of Hebrew. He believes that biblical Hebrew is a language from heaven and a “living” entity. His studies have led him to discover many mysteries and treasures that have been buried in the Bible for centuries. He often brands himself as a “biblical archaeologist who does not use a shovel.”

Because of his affiliation with the Chinese language, which is Mandarin, Dr. Lu recognizes many parallels between the Oracle bone script, which is an ancient Chinese form of writing, and the language of Hebrew. Dr. Lu is a classically-trained musician; he plays the classical guitar, the Baroque theorbo (a 26-string large lute), and a seven-course Renaissance lute. He also composes music in the style of J. S. Bach. Dr. Lu has a unique insight into a correlation between the language of music and the language of Hebrew.

Dr. Lu is a luthier (a maker of string instruments), an outdoorsman, and an avid wood-worker. He has built two houses from the ground up. He lives in Southern California with his wife Catherine and their son Christopher.

Current Career Activity:  BibleInteract Teacher  •   Luthier (maker of instruments)

Education:  D.Min. BibleInteract University


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